Yes, Auntie!

Season 2: My Asian Auntie



Momma said, “knock you out!” with Art School Dropouts’ sequel Yes, Auntie! This kung fu action packed 9 episode web series is filled with more kick ass fight scenes, comedic characters, and feel good vibes for all ages! Auntie (Joey Min) and Niece (Stephanie Pham) return alongside crime fighting DEA head, Momma (Legendary Hong Kong Action Star - Bobby Samuels).

BINGO! Trouble hits when mob boss, Lester (Leroy Nguyen), finds out that a kung fu fighting old maid is ruining his retirement drug ring, he calls in Jefferson (Robert Jefferson) to send in assassins to handle the issue. Meanwhile, Momma suspects a mole in her division and comes to a local hero, Auntie, for help in her investigation in the city of Voorhees, NJ. Determined, the ladies investigate a lead to an MMA gym and brawl to find out Lester’s whereabouts. Back at the house, Sharif is head over heels planning to “woo” his new love interest, only to have his boombox moment crushed by an unexpected visit by Lester and his gang. Fighting for his life against assassin Angelo (Angela Jordan), Lester and henchmen, Sharif gets shot. As soon as Auntie hears the news, she decides to hunt down the criminals and avenge Sharif. Momma, Auntie and Niece join forces to take down the disco dancing mob boss, his right hand assassin , and all his lackies to stop the rampant usage of the deadly drug, and serve justice all in a “Jackie Chan” like comedic action!

Yes, Auntie! Was filmed and produced by the rising indie film group, Art School Dropouts. Within a few months, the powerhouse three man team have created their own YouTube special like no one else can. This project has incorporated famous sets like, the Reading Pagoda & the House of Blues at the Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City. The talented cast brings each character’s charm to the limelight. Get ready for the back to back action coming to you on YouTube!


we wanted to create this web series as a “Thank you” to our fans!

Premiered at the Museum of the Moving Image

astoria, ny on January 4th, 2019




Why Did you create my ASian Auntie?

As Asian Americans, we’re all aware that the values and insights of our elders come from another time and another place. Though they might be foreign and outdated, they also gave us that unique outlook on modern day life in a simpler time. With My Asian Auntie, we simply just flipped the concept a bit to fit the comedy, action, and love that the Art School Dropouts are known to give. We just took a joke and ran really, really far with it. And we’re happy to give you guys this web series.


This was Art School Dropouts’ biggest web series yet! Cast incorporated 30  people. As for behind the scenes work, the 2-man power house team were primarily behind camera, working lights, sound, and boom. We did manage to have an extra hand on set for certain days  thanks to Josh Videna and Andrew Kim.


Bobby is a riot to work together on set! It’s hard not to laugh when he’s cracking jokes. While Bobby isn’t in front of the camera that often like he use to during his stuntman years, the man still can move! It’s an honor to see a legend at work and see the experience this man has.

Will auntie be back again for another series?

Depends! If people want to have Auntie back again, we might have to make arrangements for a season 3! We have introduced there is a possibility to run into other Aunties. However, we haven’t delved deep into the origins of Auntie. People ask how many aunties are out there? How did Auntie become the way she is? Auntie and Niece always seem to find themselves in a random adventure. Who knows? Maybe there’s another crazy action packed story in the works.

Where can i watch “Yes, Auntie?”

You can watch the series for free on YouTube!

or support us on AMAZON PRIME!!!