Art School Dropouts is an east coast based digital media group that creates original narrative-driven content.

With our skill sets on action filmmaking and comedic acting, we aim to entertain through martial arts and comedic action much like Jackie Chan or Charlie Chaplan; all the while incorporating fresh, new ideas from cultural trends of inspirations to modern day media, from comic books to anime.

The blend is a refreshing look at nostalgic action for new and old fans of the action genre.






- Director senpai of Art School Dropouts

- co-host of Anime Dropouts podcast

Joey is the creative part of the 2-man production team of Art School Dropouts.

Not only does he come up with all of the scripts of the sketches, short films, and web series episodes you see weekly, but he also co-hosts podcast, Anime Dropouts with Tin.

Joey writes scripts, films previzualizations, drafts up storyboards, shoots, develop fight choreography, and edits.

He also designed all of the Art School Dropouts merch as well!

Basically, all things creative, that’s Joey.

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- “mom” and Production manager of art school dropouts

Stephanie or “Mom” is the other half of the 2-man powerhouse production team of Art School Dropouts. She handles all of the business side of things for the company.

In productions, she is the one to get things together. She handles the scheduling, shotlists, booking talent and locations, crafties, and she shoots behind the camera as well.

Subscribe and get notifications for her vlog videos called Hey Pham Fridays! These vlogs show an inside look on Steph’s busy life as a model, actress, and running the channel.

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- producer & Co-Host of Anime dropouts youtube channel & podcast

As our resident cosplayer, Tin has been an avid member of the “convention” community. If anyone knows what convention life is, there is a lot of travel, eating out and sightseeing for photoshoots.

He loves anime, cosplay, and of course the occasional drink, so that is exactly how Anime Bartender came to fruition.

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Gerliz Montalvo

- Co-Host of Anime bartender

Ger is a recent new member of Art School Dropouts but plays a big part of the channel. Ger is our seasoned cosplayer of the group and bartender for Anime Dropouts YouTube channel’s Anime Bartender.

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gun cho

- Talent

One look and you can tell, Gun knows what he wants and where to get it. As the foodie and fashionista of our team, he leads when everyone else follows. Everything from shopping at premium outlets and finding hidden gem restaurants. He is a connoisseur of class and culture.

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- Talent

Hypebeasts? Athleisure? Kobe beef food truck? Pat knows it all. With a finger on the pulse of what’s trending, Pat can easily spot new upcoming places and events. Just as loud as his image, he will tell you what’s up.

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our kamon

"From the very start, I knew I was building something special. Something unique.
And after countless tears and laughter, I realized I was building a family; because it's not the blood that makes you family, but the loyalty.

So, after a year's worth of ideas, we finally settled upon our logo.
Our crest.
Our family's crest.

For those that know me, hopefully this symbol echoes with you all.
Our first mantra: Birth through Action.
In the middle is a lotus, a plant that blooms in mud, persevering through all odds.
But ideals means nothing without action; the four blades protect that concept.

Our second mantra: Everything and Nothing.
Greatness but humble.
A warrior in peacetime.
To be enlightened but earthly.

To us, our logo means everything. It's the symbol we carry on our backs and hearts every time we go out to fight for what we believe in.

Birth through Action.
Everything and Nothing."

- Joey Min, Director Senpai

®Art School Dropouts LLC

®Art School Dropouts LLC