Eddy Torres & Throwback Matrix Live Show!

MARTIAL ART MONDAY - Eddy Torres Highlight Reel

We never really know what a fighter brings into the ring. Day in and day out, the training and effort they put into their craft are the weapons they forge to find victory in the fight. And here at Art School Dropouts, we're blessed to have been able to put together this little piece of what it's like in the life of this modern day warrior, Eddy Torres.

Good luck on the next fight, Eddy!
If you guys are in the Philly area, check out his fight at: http://www.2300arena.com/event/ces-mm...

ACTION COMEDY THURSDAY - Throwback Thursday - Shaolin Matrix Live Show from 2004!

Yes. Yes, I admit it....I was a Matrix fanboy. I STILL AM. So, many moons ago when I was just a lad, I was asked to perform for a highschool and I put together this Matrix-inspired show of the major fights in that movie. Hope you guys liked and cringed a bit at this old piece of footage :D

Stephanie Pham