Do San & SPLASH!


This week, Steph runs us through a bit of the Green Stripe form of her ITF style. Do you guys practice the same form? Let us know!

ACTION COMEDY THURSDAY - SPLASH ( John Woo Style Gun Action Short!)

And here's out summer action film, brought to you by the wonderful members of our Patreon! While everyone seems to be hopped up on John Wick and calling their action Gun Fu, we here at ASDO didn't forget the originator of it all, John Woo! We made something like this about 2 years ago but this time around, we wanted to make something that is much more of a tribute to this great director!

Thank you again to all of our patrons! Your donations do help us to fund our videos so we can do really fun action films that you guys enjoy! We're here to keep the martial arts and HK-action alive here on Youtube!

Thanks again so much and I hope you guys enjoy this action piece! Thanks again to SMS Studios for being part of all this! Can you guys believe these guys are all production team and not a single one is a stunt guy? Really awesome effort on their part! They also have their own channel so let's help them get some more viewers!

Stephanie Pham