Alee Creative Kata, Wet Headz & Playing House?!

MARTIAL ART MONDAY - Alee Creative Form


This Monday, we have Alee doing one of her creative forms. Even though she's been doing a lot of traditional forms, it's not a bad idea to stretch out into something less strict, yeah?


It's Wednesday and it's time for another round of GG! This week, we found this silly game at our local Party City that looked fun to try! Wet Headz is a pretty simple game but getting splashed on a hot summer day wasn't so bad! Check it out!

ACTION COMEDY THURSDAY - Playing House (comedy sketch)


Ooh! So....we're still busy in prepping this big project for you guys so you'll be seeing a bit of sketch comedy one-offs! Glad to see our guys on our Thursday content and not just Tuesdays!

Stephanie Pham