Yasmeen Muay Thai & 8-Bit Kung Fu!

MARTIAL ART MONDAY - Yasmeen Salhani Muay Thai Demo

More power to women fighters! Yasmeen here is a Muay Thai fighter fighting out of Philly and you can see that this girl is no maiden in distress. Those hooks and low kicks are as powerful as they look! We had an awesome time shooting Yasmeen and we hope for her to have an awesome fighting career and hope she comes back to do more Martial Art Mondays! Go Yasmeenian Devil!

Check out her latest fight here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYcIW...


Alright! Here's kind of something different but I learned a lot! Thank you for all of those people that came to my rescue when I put out a random casting call for a voice actress on instagram! Thank you so much again!

Samantha Ho IG: @samhogo

Stephanie Pham