Red Tiger Cup, ASK THE DROPOUTS SPECIAL, Indie Tokusatsu Homemade Hero G & BTS with Nerf and Arcade Fun!

MARTIAL ART MONDAY - Red Tiger Cup Promo RECAP 2018

Steph's TKD school had their annual tournament and we were there to film it! Check out the recap video for Red Tiger Cup 2018! And if you have your own tournament and want the ASDO to film it, just shoot us over an email! 

WHATEVER WEDNESDAY - Ask the Dropouts Ep. 6


Hey Dropouts!

As you know, we are always repping our merch and encourage you guys, if you like what we do, to help support us by repping it, too! But, we know our merch is pricey and feel your pains (because we still have to pay full price as well :'( when we want to wear our merch ... )

GOOD NEWS! As a thank you for watching and supporting us, we are starting to discounted our items! Every month we will be starting to have you vote which item on our store you'd like to get discounted and will announce it on the following "Ask the Dropouts" episode.

This month's discounted ASDO Merch is the "SAMURAI HOODIE!"
*** Vote by commenting below what item you want next month! ***

Other than that, don't forget to leave your questions in the comments below or any of our social media and stay tune to see if it will be answered in next week's episode!


ACTION COMEDY THURSDAY - Homemade Hero G (Short Film) (Indie Tokusatsu)

When a local gang forces the hand of a retired hero, he must dig up his past to save his future. His own son.

Director's Note: This script was really close to my heart. Much like Gee, we grew up watching these Japanese heroes called Kamen Riders (Masked Riders). For us, these were like father figures; they instilled in us lessons of manhood, heroism, power, and responsibilities.

So, in the month of Father's Day, I'd like to share with you guys a tribute for my childhood heroes that even to this day still occupy the halls of my heart and mind and pushes me to change myself to be a better person everyday.

This is for all of you heroes out there, thank you for being a hero to someone in your life. And thank you to all our patrons on Patreon that gave me a chance to create this project that has been close to my heart.

Thank you for being my heroes.


HEY PHAM! FRIDAY - Homemade Hero G BTS! Metal Gear Nerf & Arcade Beatdown!

Check out some BTS from our indie tokusatsu, HOMEMADE HERO G!

We also got to test out some metal gear nerf gameplay with DJ Fliphop! (And Joey taught him a lesson in Tekken later, haha)

Stephanie Pham