More TKD, Stick Fight: The Game, Cast Commentary & BTS part 2!

MARTIAL ART MONDAY - Steph - Ge-Baek Tul

Starting off the week with Mom kicking it off into action! How are you guys liking our Martial Art Mondays? Hope you guys are motivated to learn a martial art and if you already are, hope you guys are keeping up with your training!

WHATEVER WEDNESDAY - Stick Fight with Joelle, Steph, Intern, and Joey!

It's the day before Joelle's bday and we just wanted to hang out with her! She suggested Stick Fight: The Game and we had a blast trying to destroy one another! Definitely a must buy to play with friends!

ACTION COMEDY THURSDAY - Nerf Assassin - Season 2: Full Series Cast Commentary

Hope you guys enjoyed our web series! Watch it with us again and hope that you guys stay tuned for the next web series that we make!

HEY PHAM! FRIDAY - Nerf Assassin BTS Part 2 Darts of War

Now that the series is done, have an insight on what it took to finish it!

Stephanie Pham