Joey defeats bully with Judo, NERF Assassin: Season 2 Finale & BTS part 1!

MARTIAL ART MONDAY - Joey Learns About Judo Movement

You guys probably have seen the first version of this little girl talking down Mr.Teddy with her judo skills. Joey was so impressed, he decided to take on a few classes himself, lol. 

Are you guys interested in learning Judo and near the Philly Tristate area? Check out Judo Movement in West Berlin, NJ! Visit their website!

ACTION COMEDY THURSDAY - Nerf Assassin - Season 2: Season Finale

And this is it, the final showdown of all the teams. One last battle to settle the fate of this Nerf Assassin game....and it's prize money. Hope you guys enjoyed the series!

HEY PHAM! FRIDAY - Nerf Assassin BTS Part 1 Darts of War

Hey Fam! The season finale for Nerf Assassin: Season 2 came out the other day! Thank you so much for all that have watched, and we hope you enjoyed it! Now that the series is over, check out the BTS footage! See how we coordinated shoot days, and the shenanigans behind camera... and this is only part 1, haha!

Stephanie Pham