ASDO Bay Watch, Ask the Dropouts Ep.5, DJ Car Party & PHAM-tastic Friday!

MARTIAL ART MONDAY - Baywatch style!

Decided to have a little fun here at Martial Art Mondays by compiling some of the silly footage we got from Wildwood! Thought this was pretty fitting.....since I need a vacation! Take me back!


It's GONNA be MAY! Welcome to Ask the Dropouts May 2018! Where we are here to answer your questions every first Wednesday of the month. Feel free to leave your questions in the comments below or any of our social media. UPDATES! Patron Project of the Month We compete at a Tournament?!?!

ACTION COMEDY THURSDAY - DJ Fliphop Live Mix with Dat_Nox and Art School Dropouts

With the Nerf Assassin Season 2 just ended, let's slow down a bit on the channel! One of Joey's best friends came from Houston, DJ Fliphop, to hang out with the group! Also, Dat_Nox also showed up with his bomb ass showcar and we figured....what the hell, let's just film something together! Check them out!

DJ Fliphop:
Smash Brothers DJ:
Dat_Nox on IG: @dat_nox

HEY PHAM! FRIDAY - Off to Vegas, Eskimo Bro, Wish List Meeting & Film Premiere

I mean... the title speaks for itself, lol. Mom's off to Vegas for a film production she got casted in, and in the mean time, along with Joey and Ang, meetings with filmmakers and a charity group, and finishing the vlog with a film premiere of the fan film Catwoman Retribution. Check it out below!

Stephanie Pham