Jin do, Mowin' & Throwin', PO PO Trouble & SONY KANDO TRIP!


Fresh from her graduation, Intern is back into her training and this week, she's doing a part of Jin Do! What styles do you guys practice and what else do you guys want to see on Martial Art Mondays?

WHATEVER WEDNESDAY - ASDO PLAYS! Mowin' and Throwin' wiht the ASDO crew!

As Mom says, "why do we always play games that test our friendships?!" Well, who knew landscaping and sabotage was such a hype thing to do with friends?! Check out this game that's coming out in July by House Pixel Games called Mowin' and Throwin' in which you are a gnome in a competitive game of the most boring chore ever!


ACTION COMEDY THURSDAY - Cops stopped Steph and DL from fighting! (Indie filmmaking problems)

As a Youtube group that does a lot of martial arts action, you can expect that we run into problems from time to time. Here's an unfinished project that we were filming while DL visited us again because the cops were called! And they came out in numbers, lol.

But don't worry, the cops were very understanding after they saw the lights that we had set up and this rig I was lugging around, I just wasn't recording. And the local cops here have heard about us being local filmmakers that are active in our community so they weren't aggressive or mean at all so big shoutout to the law enforcement of Voorhees and Cherry Hill in New Jersey :)

Yeah, indie guerrilla filmmaking is tough, lol.

HEY PHAM! FRIDAY - Hey Pham! Sony Kando 2 0 & DJ Fliphop visits ASDO!

We're in love.

No, not with DJFliphop (https://www.facebook.com/djfliphop/?r...) but with the Sony A9!

Still though, it was really awesome that Flip visited us and Mom goes over to Sony Kando 2018 to see some awesome stuff from Sony and DJI.

It's love at first sight.

Stephanie Pham