Felix Free Flow, Bo Rai Cho & Intern's Graduation!


Our Nerf Assassin is back, free flowing with FMA! We hope that Martial Art Mondays have been giving you guys a look into different martial arts around the world! If you're interested, hope you check out local schools near you!

ACTION COMEDY THURSDAY - Bo Rai Cho in El Borracho (MK Parody)

Did you know that during the time that Johnny Cage was training under Master Bo Rai Cho....he actually got him to star in his own movie? Actually, no. That never happened. But what if he did? Well, here's our tribute to one of the most awesome NetherRealm characters that stepped onto the battlefield. Enjoy! (Also, MK stuff on Youtube is supposedly getting auto-flagged just by having the full name of MK in the title or description so I'm just calling it MK but I know you guys know what I'm talking about ^_^)

And see that nifty red gourd that Bo Rai Cho was drinking from? That is from NeoGourd (http://neogourd.com/)! Durable, stainless steel, and kung fu-ishly stylish! Get your own custom gourd at NeoGourd!

HEY PHAM! FRIDAY - Intern's Graduating! (Commencement Ceremony)

Hey Guys, Intern here!

I wanted to share with you a part of my graduation ceremony since it's a big milestone! I'm officially a "Dropout" with a B.S. in Entrepreneurship from Rowan University, haha! Decided to invite Steph and Joey to the commencement ceremony, and they made the whole experience definitely one to remember (both fun and harmlessly embarrassing with their parental role playing)! Until Next time ASDO Fam! Can't wait for what the future holds!

-Intern aka (AJ)

Stephanie Pham