VR and Tea, More with the Dropouts, and Nerf Episode 3!

TEAM TUESDAY TRIPS - The Tea Shoppe & Ctrl V in Howell, NJ
Tea and Virtual Reality?! What kind of crazy combo is that?! Well, hang out with us today on Team Tuesday and find out amazing spots in Howell, New Jersey to hang out in!

WHATEVER WEDNESDAY - Ask the Dropouts Episode 4
Welcome back to Whatever Wednesday's Ask the Dropouts Episode 4! We are here to answer your questions, so please leave them in our social media or in the comment section below. We are trying something new and taking questions from our LIVE sessions! So make sure to follow us on our instagrams because you'll never know when we are going live and filming. Who know's? Your question may be featured on our channel next month! Thanks for all the support, Dropouts! Until next time :D

ACTION COMEDY THURSDAY - Nerf Assassin - Season 2: Episode 3
Who is this badass Nerf player that's taking on squads on his own? And where the hell are Intern and Mom after Joey got split from them after they were attacked by Nerf Rivalers? Joey is knee deep into this Nerf Assassin game whether he likes it or not and his only choice now is to keep going.

Stephanie Pham