Filipino Blades, Axe Throwing Contest, Nerf Episode 4 & Short Film Showcase at Darts of War!

MARTIAL ART MONDAY - Felix Cortes Blade Demo
Did you see last week's episode of Nerf Assassin Season 2? Well, Felix Cortes returns back onto our Martial Art Mondays to show us some blade work!

The ASDO Crew goes over to Bury The Hatchet in Cherry Hill, New Jersey to have a rousing game of darts....WITH AXES! Let's see who can God of War the best! Bury The Hatchet Cherry Hill:

ACTION COMEDY THURSDAY - Nerf Assassin - Season 2: Episode 4
Separated from Joey, Angela and Steph try to infiltrate an enemy's base...but who is this Nerf Assassin that is eliminating teams by the dozen? Would Angela and Steph need Joey's help to win this whole thing? Check out the new episode of Nerf Assassin: Season 2!

HEY PHAM! FRIDAY - Meet and Greet Short Film Showcase and Nerf Assassin: Season 2 Premiere!
So if you guys have been following us on our Facebook and Instagram, you know that we were having a Meet and Greet as well as a short film showcase! We wanted to promote our fellow film fighters and filmmakers in the East Coast as well as to premiere our season 2 of Nerf Assassin! It was a really fun time as, of course, Art School Dropouts gotta do it a bit more differently than the rest so not only did we have a little film festival.....we had a Nerf war with ALL OF THOSE THAT CAME OUT!

We had DL McDonald from our last webseries
(The Forgotten Kingdom: as well as Tyler.
Kamen Ramen Studios ( was here
alongside the Team One Take crew (
and they were having some crazy battles!

We're really happy for everything that has been going so far, it's like...we're building more than just a community, but a family. And we hope that you guys are enjoying the projects that we put out for all of you!

Stephanie Pham