Shaolin Sword, that ORANGE CAT, & Paper Airplane!

Martial Art Monday - Joey Shaolin Sword Demo

Notice this Senpai! #MartialArtMonday

Joey is being all crouching tiger, hidden dragon with a bit of Shaolin Sword. Though it's not the Green Destiny, he is wearing a pretty darn cool anime shirt from the Art School Dropouts merchandise.

Check it out here:

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Whatever Wednesday - Let's Play Overcooked with ASDO and Joseph Le! (Part 1)

This time around, instead of whooping on Team Red's Joseph Le, we team up to serve up some soup, burgers, and other culinary delights in the game of Overcooked!

Tag a friend you'd play this game with!

Action Comedy Thursday - 💔😭😫😭💔“Paper Airplane” by Art School Dropouts

Director's note: I love this song. I've been in love with this song since I lost a special someone years ago...which ultimately taught me something. Sometimes, people come into your life to teach you how to fly, but were never meant to stay for the trip.

Thank you so much to Lauren Messina and ASDO's own Tin Dang for letting me put this story to this amazing song by Jay'ed so I can let it fly and let it go.

Please check out the talented and amazing Jay'ed:…

Stephanie Pham