Judo Tea Party, Shank, Paper Airplane Commentary & Collab with Team One Take and Deviant Children

Martial Art Monday - Judo Tea Party! (Judo-Movement.com)
Next up on Martial Art Monday is budding young Judoka, Francine! Can't wait to see this girl grow up and be an awesome martial artist!

Special thanks to Judo Movement and Sensei David Osaghae for being one of our greatest supporters of Art School Dropouts and Martial Art Mondays! Please check out www.judo-movement.com if you're interested in learning the amazing art of Judo!

Whatever Wednesday - Bro Ops! Let's Play Shank Co-op!

Director Senpai and Intern team up in Shank! Can they stand each other enough to finish the game?! 💥💥💥Watch below to find out 💥💥💥

We built up and tore down a relationship in a weekend. It hurts. It hurts so good. 😭😭😭

Get an idea what went behind the scenes by watching “Paper Airplane” starring Tin Dang (@oohgawddang) and Lauren Messina (@lmess330) again with the ASDO crew!

Hey Pham! Friday - Working with TeamOneTake and Deviant Children Productions!

We got a lot of awesome teams that we like to work with! There's a big talent pool here in the East Coast too, you know!

Mom is off to work again for another indie film project with @teamonetakeactiondesign and DeviantChildrenProd called "BROTHERS."

Check out the full film "BROTHERS" here:

Stephanie Pham