Kankudai, ASDO LIVE! RECAP, Tech Decks & Visit to DC!

MARTIAL ART MONDAY - Pat Kankudai Demo


Welcome to our Martial Art Mondays, a day where we only showcase martial arts! Everything from forms, equipment, and our many friends and their styles!

If you didn't know, Dropouts, Pat is also a martial artist in our group!Check out his demo of Kankudai in the link below!

Have something cool that's martial arts related??? Email us to learn more about Martial Art Monday: asdo.martialartmonday@gmail.com


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If you missed this month's live session and hot pot with the #ASDOfam, catch up with us on Whatever Wednesday!

ACTION COMEDY THURSDAY - How to TechDeck (Shot and Directed by Intern!)

Whoa, look at that! 
This is Intern's first comedy sketch that she directed, filmed, and edited! Awesome job for a first timer!
Inspired by a True Story :) 

HEY PHAM! FRIDAY - ASDO Visits Team Red! Ft Rising Tiger Films & Turtlewave

East coast collab, wut wut!
Since Joseph Le has come up to help us out on filming stuff, we decided to go around his neighborhood to be part of their stuff too!

Check out the Teams Below! 
Team Red Pro
Rising Tiger Films
Turtle Wave

Stephanie Pham