October Update 2018!


And for the October month rolling in, we're celebrating Halloween a month early to drop these PSAs that Tin thought up! Of course this was another test that we had on getting as proficient with our new equipment before tackling a super big project. Anyways, have you guys seen our facebook lately? We got accepted into being one of the first to try out Facebook Creator, so please like and follow us on Facebook too as we put on older goodies that we've had on this channel!


Auntie was visiting last week and of course we had to film ;) We have a lot of things going on this month, but please the wait will be worth it, so stay tuned!


- ASDO is part of Facebook Watch! We were selected as one of the trial creators for the next 6 months to see how we'll do. Every Thursday we'll be uploading some of our old videos to facebook for you guys to enjoy. See you on Facebook AND YouTube now, dropouts!

*Action Comedy Thursday MINI SKETCHES
- We have some great things working in the background, but because of that… a lot of our time is working on the “secret projects.” DON’T WORRY! We still are making content for you guys, but please understand we may have to put out mini-sketches for now. Hopefully, you guys will enjoy those, but we PROMISE… we’ll be back tenfold! (You guys will see next year :D)

*Urban Action Showcase
- ASDO will be at the Urban Action Showcase in November! We're coming in strong again with a film block of all the awesome work with done over the year. We're back up on the big screen! Check out the link below for more info (November 11-12th) https://www.urbanactionshowcase.com/

-This we are bringing back an old character we all love ;) Much of our production time is going to be going into this web series coming up. Be sure to stay tuned for more info!

This month's discounted ASDO Merch is the “Sleeveless Ronin”

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Other than that, don't forget to leave your questions in the comments below or any of our social media and stay tune to see if it will be answered in next week's episode! Thanks!


I thought it was a silly concept of having fighting coaches break down the realism of film fights. Film fighting is another form of martial arts that work within the world or universe that is created for the story. GAH. So I figured I'd do the opposite because...well, it's stupid but kinda funny and I hope I gave you guys a glimpse of what I think about when watching or creating a film fight.

ACTION COMEDY THURSDAY - Stop Playing With Death (Halloween Sketch)

I think it started because Steph was scaring me on the road while she was driving. So I told her to stop playing with death. Hence, this stupid sketch came to fruition. Lol, I hope you guys don't mind these silly sketches while we are filming something really big for you guys!

ACTION COMEDY THURSDAY - Channel Update! *My Asian Auntie...Season 2!*

Taking a quick break working on My Asian Auntie Season 2 : Yes, Auntie! This is our first FEATURE FILM LENGTH MOVIE as ASDO! Of course, you guys will see it in episodes on our channel next year! But I wanted to show you guys what a slow day is here at ASDO!

Stephanie Pham