The Madness Ends, Thank you 2017 & News for the New Year!

The final episode of this adventure is here! Coming down to the wire, the gang needs to stop the ritual fast and defeat the cultist! But is this dark energy too much to handle! Find out in the episode below! 

Check out our first gameplay with Joey, Steph, Tin and Pat.
First story: Mansions of Madness: The Cycle of Eternity

Message from Director Senpai:

"This year has been hard. Taxing. Trying. But also fun. Gratifying. Amazing. And as the guy that started all of this, I want to thank all of you that stuck by us to where we are now. 5k subs was an amazing milestone for us and we hope to reach higher heights, but only if you guys come with us. We hope that we can share more stories, more martial arts action, more laughs, more smiles-----more everything. Thank you all for everything and expect amazing things to happen in 2018! I love you all!"

Watch our 2017 Year in Review video below!

Hey, Pham fam! 2017 has ended and Steph has a lot to share in regards to the coming year. More days, more projects, more awesome stuff for you guys! Keep in the loop and watch Mom's announcements below!

Stephanie Pham