Cardio Kickboxing, Twister, Talking Heads Pt.2 & Hey Pham! with Joseph Le!

Martial Art Monday - Cardio Kickboxing at Judo Movement

Did you know you can burn between 500-800 calories doing an hour of cardio kickboxing? It’s a fun way to sweat and kick butt!

If you guys are around the South Jersey area, check out @judomovement
and all of their classes!

We wanna thank Judo Movement for all the help and letting us film in
their premises time and time again.

Judo Movement:

Whatever Wednesday - GG! Twister
Welcome to GG! (Good Game)
It's a show where you can see the Dropouts and their friends play some silly games! Come laugh and play with us!

This month's GG we have the ASDO fam playing twister! 
Who knew the game was such a workout!

Intern VS Tin
Gun VS Mom
Mom VS Intern
Gun VS Tin
Director Senpai VS Intern

Action Comedy Thursday - Talking Heads Part 2
"I'm just saying that the bathroom is where weird s*** happens."
-DL MacDonald

Just two fellas sharing awkward bathroom stories 😂

Another talking head sketch from the ridiculous mind of DL MacDonald. 
Apparently, everything is told is a true story, lol.

Hey Fam! It's Hey Pham! Friday :D

So Joseph Le has been in a few videos on the channel so far. 
Check out Steph's recent vlog featuring Joseph Le and our hang out/ filming sessions!


Joseph Le - Team Red Pro

Stephanie Pham