Muay Thai, Auntie, Tekken7, Circle Game & Stunts Part 2!

Martial Art Monday - Angela Muay Thai Demo
#MartialArtMondays is back with ASDO's Intern doing a Muay Thai Demo! Muay Thai is one of the striking arts that Angela trains in as she aspires to fight in the ring one day. Muay Thai, the art of 8 limbs, is an effective tool of many fighters today. Check it out in the link below!

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Team Tuesday - Auntie Product Review (Firmoo Glasses)
Since we left off with Auntie, she's been pretty good after dealing with the local gang. She got some sweet new glasses from, I wonder what she's going to be wearing them for... Stay tuned on the channel if you want to find out.... :D

"Comfortable and lightweight! Snug fit and doesn't fall off!" -My Asian Auntie

Firmoo is offering a STEAL of a deal!
$4.95 a pair for new customers at:
(frame+ standard lens, Limited Quota) 

Whatever Wednesday - Tekken7 Joey vs Joseph Le
It's not a complete visit to the ASDO studios if Joseph Le doesn't get some matches in on Tekken 7. First to 5 wins! Will Team Red be victorious once again? OR Have the tides final turn???? Watch the fight below!

Action Comedy Thursday - Joseph Le Sucks at Tekken7

Yes, the video title has nothing to do with the video... and we're okay with that, lol. #artschooldropouts

Hope you guys enjoy this silly video with Joseph Le from Team Red Productions!
But really... he sucks at Tekken 7... haha!

Hey... INTERN?! Hey Pham! Friday (InternTakeover - How to do Stunts like a PRO with DL Part 2)
*WARNING! please don't try any of this at home without the proper instruction or equipment *
AND... It's Part 2!
Take the hits, and take the falls. If it's meant to be, it's worth it all!

Intern learns a few more moves from this lovely fella... and tackles one of her ultimate NINJA moves she's always wanted to learn... A WALL FLIP!!!
Awesome job, Intern, and thank you again DL for the training!

Check out DL's work and his stunt crew!
Eclipse Stunts:

Thank you Judomovement for letting us utilize the training space!

Stephanie Pham