Dunk Nation Ladder Team Play, Intern VS Fly & Disco Ball Photoshoot

Episode one of Dunk Nation 3x3 is out! Follow DJFliphop, Miggymigz, PGFaizu (AKA Director Senpai) take to the court and play some ball. Is this the dream team we've been waiting for? Check it out in the link below and if you like the game it's out on iOS and Android! 

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dunk-nation-3x3/id1233128606?mt=8
Dn3x3 website:http://www.dn3x3.com/games/index

Electric fly swatters make killing fly pests so much more interesting, but then again Intern doing anything is simply interesting, haha. She takes her fly swatting abilities to NINJA LEVEL! Hopefully, she didn't zap herself too hard. 

Hey, Pham! Mom's at Robert Undi's again for a sparkly photo shoot. DISCO BALL! Steph makes a beautiful "tin lady," haha! Must have taken a while to get all the glitter and paint off, but I bet the photos came out gorgeous! Check out the BTS below. 

Stephanie Pham