Dunk Nation Ladder Play Ep.2, Vietglish and HK Stuntman? & BTS ( I NEED A HERO)

The ASDO "Dream Team" is back on Whatever Wednesday making baskets and earning some W's.  Check out DJFliphop, Miggymigz, and PGFaizu's amazing plays in the video below.  Laugh Emoji? (Laugh Emoji)

Get the game here: iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dunk-nation-3x3/id1233128606?mt=8

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gameleap.na.dunk&hl=en

Dn3x3 website: http://www.dn3x3.com/games/index/homepage

Starting off this month RIGHT! We wanted to make something fun for you guys so here is a Kung Fu Musical! This is a small tribute to all of the 90's Hong Kong action movies that we grew up watching...

and who else to do it with but Kayla from Vietglishfun! 

and one of Joey's inspirations of wanting to do kung fu movies, Bobby Samuels,
a student of Sammo Hung!

Might as well do a tribute to 90's Hong Kong action with someone who was in the genre of its time! And guys, we're almost close to the big 5k! If you like our videos, please consider sharing them with friends and hope they like it too! Also, this isn't a paid advertisement of Kung Fu Tea, we just support the brands that we love :D (but we wouldn't mind getting paid though, lol)

Did you guys like I Need A Hero? Well, here's a behind the scenes look on all the zaniness that it takes to make that video. Also, Joey gets sappy, it gets good :D

Stephanie Pham