Ballin' (Dunk Nation), Hire DL & Pre-Production Problems!

We're back again on Whatever Wednesday with episode 5 of our Dunk Nation ladder team play series! PGFaizu, DJFliphop, MiggyMigz on the courts ready to take a win! Even with the random freezing or game crashes, it doesn't stop the ASDO Dream Team. Check it out in the video below! 

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Well, there are reasons why you don't take people's food without asking... nor do you want to take Intern's food without asking. Guess DL had to learn the hard way! While DL was here, a production asked him if he had anything that resembled old silent film type of slapstick humor. He didn't so we decided to put one up together! DL is a fantastic stuntman and actor, and we are so thankful to have worked with him. Check out DL below and visiting his stunt teams page (! 

Hey, guys! It's Hey Pham Friday! Wanna know the stressful process of pre-production?! Well, take it from Joey, he hates it but I'd like to think that pre-planning is what helps us finish our productions on time! Please support our Indiegogo to finish our series! 

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Stephanie Pham