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Dunk Nation Ep.3, Indiegogo & J1-Con!

We continue our Whatever Wednesday Dunk Nation 3x3 Ladder team plays with PGFaizu, DJFliphop, and MiggyMigz! BUCKETS! Check it out Episode 3 below!

Get the game here: iOS:


Dn3x3 website:

The Forgotten Kingdom: A Kung Fu LARP Story is an 8 episode action comedy web series produced by yours truly! We aim to bring you:
- Awesome fight scenes in the style of old school Shaw Brothers Hong Kong action choreography
- A feel good story that any age can enjoy
- And the humor and laughs you all have come to know from Art School Dropouts.

Please consider donating and helping us reach our goal! 


Hey Pham! Art School Dropouts is back at J1-Con! A new venue and new faces! We were able to share our experiences, growth, and of course our con worthy cosplay fan film of "The Legend of Korra: A New Beginning." Thanks to Jason for throwing such an awesome con and letting us have a panel!