"Loving U" Cast Commentary , Heroes of the Storm & 5 Dollar Mondays!

Sit down with the ASDO family and enjoy watching our Korean Drama of the year, "Loving U." Our female lead, Serena, final gets to watch the fully produced Korean drama music video. She was shocked to see that she actually got married! HAHA! One of the most genuine and cutest reactions seen. We're glad that she loved the film. Hopefully, you guys will be seeing more of her in future videos. 

We aren't the Heroes they need, we're the Heroes they deserve. Joey, Tin, Pat, and Gun team up to play Heroes of the Storm. Will ASDO be victorious in protecting their core? Will the heroes be victorious?

Smoothie King has made its way into the Art School Dropouts regular diet. As you can see, we have two awesome guests that flew in to help us with a big, secret project for you guys!

One is an old friend of Joey's who is a stuntman in Canada, DL MacDonald of Eclipse Stunts:

And another kung fu colleague of his, Sifu Kuttel:

We've been harping about this secret project but it is soooo close to finishing! Stay tuned guys, and while you're waiting, drop by Smoothie King for a drink!

Stephanie Pham