HOTs Ep.3, Joey's Best Bad Day & Matt Granger!

Make it rain on all those forts on Heroes of the Storm Episode 3! This week on Whatever Wednesday the ASDO Crew tackle another battle to protect the home fort in a game of HOTS. Ready to light'em up, boys! 

Aww, Director Senpai needs some love this week. The worst days make the some of the funniest stories... in the long run. Some days, you don't know how life will hit you :(
Based on a true story. :( Hope this made you guys though :)

Joey joined Steph to New York to work with Matt Granger, another awesome photographer, and Youtuber! Recently, Mom's been working with Matt as a model for his photography videos for YouTube. Follow the crew as they run around with cameras in Central Park!

Check out Matt's channel here:

Stephanie Pham