HOTS Ep.4, Dunk Nation, Talking Heads & Lucia Lash!

Our final episode of HOTS for Whatever Wednesday! After hours of honing their battle skills and devising the best strategy, the ASDO boys are a killer team in Heroes of the Storm! Bring victory to Art School Dropouts and defend our core!

Joey (PGFaizu) and his friend, DJFliphop (Pro-Smash Player and awesome DJ) have been playing all the variations of Freestyle Street Basketball since 2004 and here they are again playing another version on it on mobile....AND THEY'RE ADDICTED AGAIN! Check it out!


Get the game here:
Dn3x3 website:

If you're a filmmaker or director or have a love for cinematography, take a look at our comedic sketch of the week. Talking heads are dope, lol. A little film humor to brighten your day! Big thanks to DL MacDonald of Eclipse Stunts and Sifu Brian Kuttel! 

Like some asian girls, Stephanie has short Asian eye lashes so she got them done at Lucia Lash! After a couple hours of work. BA BA BOOM! Gorgeous lashes that will last a while! Check out the process on this week's "Hey Pham! Friday" and head over there to get your pair of beautiful lashes. 

Stephanie Pham