Heroes of the Storm Ep.2, Samurai Gunman & BTS!

Another rousing week of HOTS with Tin, Gun, Pat, and Joey! Heroes of the Storm is a cool alternative to League of Legends which focuses more so objectives to gain the advantage on the other team. If you haven't tried it out, play a few games and let us know what you think. 

"I do not kill with my gun.
Those who kill with their gun has forgotten the face of their father.

I kill with my heart."

Thank you to our Patrons for making this short action piece a reality! We wouldn't have been able to make this without you guys!

Also thank you to Eric Fuchs and Andrew Kim of the awesome
Kamen Ramen Studios: 

for being a part of this, as well as Sifu Brian Kuttel:

and our All Dressed chips eating champion of the Canada, DL MacDonald:

We've been super busy the past few weeks here at Art School Dropouts, so Steph's kind of laid low on the Pham Fridays....but it'll pick back up! We got a lot in store for you guys so that means there's a lot of vlogs as well!

Here's how we made Samurai Gunman! Joey, Steph, Angela, Brian and DL take a trip to Washington Township Lake Park to film in the woods. It took two days of filming due to inclement weather, but we were able to pull it off! Wouldn't be an ASDO behind the scenes without some laughter! 

Stephanie Pham