Team Red VS ASDO (Tekken 7) & Loving U Korean Music Video!

Team Red Production ( visits us and while on downtime, we got some Tekken in! Joey and Joseph battle to see who is victorious in a game of Tekken 7. Angela and Alex even join in on some of the fun, too! Who's going to take bragging rights? Team Red or ASDO?!?!?

And here it is, AFTER 4 YEARS IN THE MAKING!

Joey wrote this story around 4 years ago for Gun after he heard the amazing rendition of Loving U by Mikey (, but after seeing the concept scenes, his girlfriend at the time didn't like him shooting this video. And after that, there were a bunch of actresses that just felt through during or before production of this short... He started losing faith in being able to make this movie.

Anyways, it took 4 years, but he's found the right girl for this role. Much thanks for Serena for letting bring to life a vision of love that he's had on paper for years. Guess all of those failed times with all of those actresses was just a guiding light to meet Serena :) Hope you guys enjoy this drama as much as we have filming it!

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Stephanie Pham