Ping Pong, Korean Drama & Pham-ily Vacay!

You thought Wii Tennis was competitive.. just wait for Wii Table Tennis! PING PONG with the MOTION PLUS--- HYPE! With more accurate movements, the team faces off one on one to find out who is the ping pong champion. Shiet gets serious!

OH SNAP, ART SCHOOL DROPOUTS MADE A KOREAN DRAMA SHORT?! July 20th is the release of a near and dear project of Director Senpai. It's been 4-years since the conception of the initial idea, and finallythi

Steph takes a much-needed R&R from all the work grind! Guess where the Pham family is going? ARUBA! Join Steph and her family on a vacay enjoying the beautiful beaches and oceans of Aruba. 

Stephanie Pham