Wii Tennis, Tifa Bloopers & Grounds for Sculpture!

Hey, it's summer! Time to do some outdoor sports or something! Wait, it's too hot! Let's just stay inside and play some fake outdoor sports on the Wii! Whatever Wednesday is a face-off between ASDO family members: Mom and Gun, Tin and Pat, Director Senpai and Intern! Steph apparently has never played Wii... and TODAY, that changes. Which team will dominate and win bragging rights? ***SLICE***

Bloopers from last Thursday's video of Steph cosplaying as the bad ass Tifa. For as legit as this fight scene was, there were some good laughs in between. Thanks for our Patreons for completely backing this project! We wouldn't be able to do AT LEAST one good production a month! If you guys are considering in helping us out, please think about checking out our Patreon page! Patreon exclusive shows for backers and other perks!

Mom takes us on a photo shoot at the lovely Grounds for Sculpture with Robert Undi! Seems that Steph isn't the only one model today on this shoot. Check out the video and beautiful scenery. 

Stephanie Pham