Pandemic, Summer Wear & Red Tiger Cup!

Whatever Wednesday continues with Episode 3 of Pandemic in the race to defeat the disease called "Ashely." This time, Tin joins the ranks to face the plague, but will it be enough to finally win this game? 

ASDO presents the new tanks and tshirt designs for this summer's lookbook! You've probably notice we've been pushing hard for our apparel this year, but that's because we have a TON of new and crazy projects coming up for you guys! These shirts really help pay for production into the channel. They make a great addition to your closet and sure to impress the crowd. Wear it to the beach or to the pool! We really appreaciate all the support and in a few months, you'll see what's been going on behind the camera. 

Steph decided to take Angela to her school's tournament. The results definitely surprised the crowd. Intern takes home the gold in sparring! Wonder where she'll be competing next? 

Stephanie Pham