No Cure, Wet T-Shirt Fight & Intern Takeover?!

Episode 4 of Pandemic we are still facing defeat. Maybe with Pat here, we can finish this... or not. Sigh. We try out some new roles for a different strategy for this weeks Whatever Wednesday. Let's hope this one ends in a win (fingers crossed). 

TOTALLY NOT CLICK BAIT.... Okay, maybe just a little, haha. Steph and Angela are at it again with another summer water fight, except this time it's with pool noodles. The girls look bad ass as ever, especially with their ASDO shirts (cough* cough*). Hope you guys are enjoying your summer! Well, we're hard at work on a secret project so we're trying to get as many funds as possible for it BUUUTTT, hopefully, this video makes you guys laugh*!

*and buy our shirts. haha jk. 
not really, kinda serious.
but half serious.
but really all serious.

What's this?! Oh snap, Intern takes over Mom's vlog for today! Angela and Steph are at Red Tiger Taekwondo doing a Kick Pics photoshoot with Stacey. Follow Stacey on instagram @kickpicsllc for more kick pics and to check out some of the photos from the shoot! Let us know if you guys want to see more of Intern on vlogging!

Stephanie Pham