Gauntlet, Evil Bop-It & Road Trip with Mom and Intern!

Our final episode with Tin, Vy, Joelle, and Intern! While the team managed to get some rhythm, it's questionable if the girls can handle themselves without Tin, lol. Atleast, in this world of Guantlet. The cute dynamics of this crew is at an end for now. Let us know if you'd like to have the gang back to finish their journey in the cave! 

Having a Youtube group means we have a lot of props. Sometimes, some of them should never leave the prop room. Pat's finds a nostalgia Bop It (Extreme 2) toy but there's something strange lurking within... EVIL!

Sorry for the past few Fridays, but MOM IS BACK! We've got a little road trip with Intern and Mom. Apparently, this ship is going strong with pre-tournament talk and car karaoke just like Korrasami. Stay tuned to see how well Angela does at her tournament! 

Stephanie Pham