Saving the World, Final Fantasy & Beach Shoot!

Well, we are Art School Dropouts and not Med School Dropouts... It's a good thing too since we still can't seem to save the world from "Ashely." *Sigh* Any tips on how to rid humanity of this deadly disease? 

Even with all the delays for the remake of FF7, we are still hyped for it! Hopefully you guys like our little fight scene! Mom takes on the role of the lovely Tifa Lockheart fighting off some bad guys looking for trouble. Whether it's Steph as Mom, or as Tifa, she still kicks butt!

Mom's back at it again with an early morning beach shoot! This week, Steph's got to shoot in Wildwood, New Jersey with Robert Undi! Beach, sun, and swimsuits: Got to love summer!

Stephanie Pham