Pandemic, Kung Fu Tea & Intern the Karate Kid!

While Intern, Mom and Director Senpai were at Kung Fu Tea doing work for Art School Dropouts, crisis hit! Joey (operations expert), Steph (dispatcher), and Ang (researcher) strap up to try to save the world from the deadly disease called "Ashely!" Can they do it?! 

So, you saw already that we sometimes take our work to Kung Fu Tea, and sometimes we take our breaks here, too. Besides Pandemic, Jenga matches are also a common choice. We love KFT so much that we had to make a video highlighting their awesome bubble tea and the hype games that take place. Tin and Gun are at it again as Kung Fu Tea Masters! 

AND THEY MADE IT! Mom and Intern made it to the Wyoming Valley Championship up in PA. Who knew Intern would sweep the competition? Punch! Kick! It's all in the mind!
Intern goes full Daniel-san and goes Karate Kid while Mom coaches her as Mr. Miyagi!
Check out her performance and be sure to congratulate her for the winnings (and moolah)!

Stephanie Pham