More Phantom Breaker, April Fools, and Pink Stuff EVERYWHERE!

Joey, Intern, and Joelle are back again playing more Phantom Breaker! This game is too cute to handle.  The team is finding their groove enhancing their kawaii powers. Let's see how far this week's gaming session will take them!

It's fun once in a while to play a harmless prank, but this one might have escalated WAY TOO quickly. APRIL FOOLS! No, we didn't make real prank video for this very reason. 

Joey gets another dosage of the life of Steph. Looks like Joey is  having fun, right? Haha, he's learning a lot, even the behind the scenes work to transform "Mom" into "Model." Makeup still seems to fathom Joey. Then again, makeup is just a mystery to guys in general. 

Stephanie Pham