HeadsUp, March Bloopers, and Break Night at Round 1!


HeadsUp is a fantastic game to get everyone up and laughing. There's a wide selection of categories to choose from, but since we are all adults here, why doesn't ASDO tackle the "ADULT SUPERVISION" category? :3

In this episode, Pat is confused on how sex works... he was nervous. The intense competition continues between the girls and the guys. Who was victorious? Watch to find out, but stay tuned for another intense round of HeadsUp!

For our March bloopers, we highlighted some BTS with Rock'em Sock'em and the Dating Sim. Filming the dating sim game was too silly... and a little awkward for Director Senpai. Even with the awkwardness, the laughs and work we put into these projects turned out pretty well! 

The ASDOfam has been working nonstop. It was time for a quick BREAK! The team decided to have a night out at Round 1 Arcade, the first Japanese style Arcade here on the East Coast! ASDO tackled some guns, Mom and Intern screamed playing a horror game, and the group ransacked the claw machines... Joey got mom a panda. ASDO finished off with a photo booth and karaoke singing till our voices gave out. We were all tired at the end of the night, but were lucky to spend good times with everyone! 

Stephanie Pham