Phantom Breaker, Nerf Assassins, and Goodbye KidHaru :(

On this week's Whatever Wednesday, we play Phantom Breaker with Intern and her sister, Joelle! ABSOLUTELY KAWAii! (>3<) Joey, Angela, and Joelle fight off bad guys with adorable warriors. You can't help but say "AWWWWW" hearing the characters attacks. 

Episode 1 of our mini webseries, Nerf Assassin, is out for your viewing pleasure! When a game of Nerf gets too serious when money is on the line, Joey and Steph have to team up to win a silly game gone sour. Stay tuned for the next episode to find out if Joey and Steph can win the game!

Sadly, it is KidHaru's last day. It's been a fun 3 weeks with Devin, but now he has to go back to the west coast! But don't worry, we got a few things planned for him on our channel so stay tuned guys!

Stephanie Pham