Good Bye Kensei, Capoeira Twister, and MORE KidHaru!

Director Senpai had to part ways with Kensei :'(

While the two had wonderful memories of slaying enemies, sadly Kensei's character development is useless in the fight for honor. Joey won't let this kill his love for the game. Let's see what warrior Director Senpai chooses next!

Twister is a childhood favorite game, but what if we added martial arts skills to the mix? This is a little fun concept we had for Freestyle Martial Art ( since Master Brian is a good friend of Intern! Check out the site if you guys are interested in learning!

It's another busy week of filming. ASDO working night shoots for Five Nights At Elmo's  (On Devin's channel)   and Judo videos (on our facebook page). We're still having fun hanging with KidHaru. In fact, we were able to surprise one of our close friends, a big fan of KidHaru, by having her meet Devin and join in on the fun. 

Stephanie Pham