Double Dragons, Nerf guns, and KidHaru?

We start off with another For Honor Whatever Wednesday with Director Senpai and his partner in crime, Shaolin_Akira. The two team up for some Double Dragon action! Check out the teamwork and clean kills below. LET'S GET SOME HONOR!!!!!

We've been waiting since last year to share something awesome... WE MADE A MINI WEBSERIES! Nerf Assassin won BEST ACTION COMEDY and BEST ACTION SEQUENCES back in December at the UAS Film Festival in NY. Honestly, this the most fun and best-made project we have up to date and the ASDOfam is proud :) Stay tuned because the first episode comes out the 23rd this month!

You might have remembered us mentioning "Cousin" Devin, aka KidHaru, during episode 3 of My Asian Auntie. WELL... Devin decided to make an impromptu visit to the East Coast! It was definitely a surprise and the beginning to an interesting few weeks, which included housing a creepy Elmo (>.<) *shivers* You're never bored with Cousin Devin, haha. Be sure to check out Devin's channel, KidHaru, and give him a sub and thumbs up!

Stephanie Pham