For Honor, Philly City Ransom, and ASDO Family Photoshoot!

If Joey isn't filming or editing, you'll probably find him taking a break playing For Honor! 
Director Senpai explains the grueling love-hate relationship with Kensei---The character that brings out the samurai within, but fails to keep up with Joey's speed!

Even with the struggles of Kensei, Director Senpai can't let go. He had so many great battles that he decided to put a compilation together to share the adventure. Be a man and watch the fights!

The sequel to the granddaddy beat em up, River City Ransom is out February 27th on Steam, and it's been a while since we've done any fighting stuff. We felt it was time to dust off the cobwebs and get some practice. Our new series, Philly City Ransom, are practice fights with new fight elements and test choreography. This channel isn't anything without you guys, so please check out the fights and give us your inputs. We'd love to hear your comments!

As you know, Mom not only is a business savy woman, but a hardworking model! For this week's Hey Pham Friday, Steph finally got the team together to finish our website by doing a photoshoot. The whole crew got a quick modeling lesson from mom and another sneak peak into her career. The ASDO fam had fun dressing up! You can check out the photos, here, on our site. 

Stephanie Pham