The Cycle of Eternity continues, Cast and Crew Commentary, & Meeting Jackie Chan!

This week on Whatever Wednesday, Mansions of Madness Second Edition! The mystery continues!
Faced with Haunting Horrors and Cultists, the team acts swiftly to slay them and reach Mr. Vanderbilt. Time is of the essence! will the ASDO mystery gang stop it before something horrible happens?

Check out our first gameplay with Joey, Steph, Tin and Pat.
First story: Mansions of Madness: The Cycle of Eternity

Well, it's been a great run, but it's not over yet! We skyped Brian and DL to watch as the Forgotten Kingdom Cast and Crew. Inside jokes, funny fun facts, and more! Watch it with us and enjoy!

This was a big day for us... because we finally got to meet a martial arts idol, JACKIE CHAN!
We were invited to go to NY YouTube Space for a screening of The Foreigner, his latest film. After watching a spectacular performance on screen, we were escorted to fall in line to meet Jackie and take a pic with him. Thank you to Matt Granger for the inviting us as this dream wouldn't have come true without your help! The feeling was surreal and we won't ever forget it.

Stephanie Pham