I'm NOT the KING! (TFK Ep.6) & BTS!

The story continues!

Seeing how dedicated Joey is with getting rid of the LARPers at the park, Steph decides to support her best friend and to follow along his battles. Joey does what the King asks of him and fights for seven days, defeating every general and fighter the King and his Kingdom has to offer. The Gatekeeper returns, but this time, just as a normal person. He begs the Kingslayer to lay down his sword but a "masked" assassin tries to defeat Joey before his fated battle with the King! Does Joey have what it takes to take the fight all the way to the King?

Prepare for our most action-packed episode yet! 

Fun fact, the latter half of this episode had to be rewritten overnight because one of our key actors canceled out 2 days before the actual shoot. So if the latter half of the episode slightly felt off, it's because of that. The King was never meant to disguise himself to fight Joey, lol. Overall, it still works but yeah, production is just a bunch of problems waiting to be solved. This is probably the silliest episode yet, but please enjoy! 

Stephanie Pham