Freestyle Online, the LARP Story Continues & Meet the LARPers!

This week on Whatever Wednesday, Director Senpai has a throwback video long before Dunk Nation was known as Dunk Nation... We're taking it to the streets with Freestyle Online (Sierra)! On their courts were born and unstoppable duo, Smiles and Southstar.  While this video was edited almost 10 years ago... it's still pretty hype! Check out the OG team in the video below. 


Joey's attempt to go to the police doesn't work as it is a public park...and the King uses this to rub it in more. Joey finally cracks and snaps at the King and his merry band of LARPers but what if Joey isn't all that different from the King?


We wouldn't have been able to make our web series without our wonderful actors and actresses! We wanna thank everyone one that was part of our most grueling day because it was incredibly hot! Even our camera was overheating every 10 minutes! Anyways, we'd also like to thank Corriander of Voorhees ( for graciously catering our production (for free!) because it made our day so much better with awesome dishes!

Check it out in the link below! 

Stephanie Pham