Overcooked Ep.2, The Forgotten Kingdom Ep.1 & Working with Vincent Lyn!

We went fro normal kitchens to Antartica and space! Overcooked is teaching us to be Iron Chefs in the weirdest places. It's also teaching us how to control headaches and anger, haha! After countless slips and rocketing around the universe, it seems we have cleared this stage of our training. Hopefully next week we'll be able to tackle the giant meatball monster!!! Check it out in the link below.

"What do you mean like... RIGHT NOW???"
AND the FIRST EPISODE of our web series is here!

Meet Joey, a Tai Chi instructor at the local park. After meeting up with his best "bro," Steph, he has to undergo an impromptu physical test with his Sifu (cameo appearance by Ex-Jackie Chan stuntman Vincent Lyn). The swift exchanged left Joey slightly beaten and winded, but he still managed to pass his certification test. One problem down... BUT there are these group of LARPers still causing him trouble. UNTIL NEXT WEEK... (after Steph grabs a bite to eat...)

Watch Episode 1 below! 

We really hope you guys enjoyed the first episode of The Forgotten Kingdom: A Kung Fu LARP Story! It was really awesome to get to work with Hong Kong star, Vincent Lyn. Check out the advice and knowledge he gives us! 

Stephanie Pham