DEFEAT THE MEATBALL, The Forgotten Kingdom Ep.2 & The HARDEST Filming day BTS!


We are back here to face the meatball monster terrorizing the city. With all the dishes and skill sets we acquired, we are ready to serve justice! Our teamwork and patience are tested more than ever. Sit back in the chopper and get your fire extinguishers ready! Watch the ASDO crew play the final level in this world of Overcooked! 

The story continues! 

Joey finally has had enough of the screaming and yelling of the local LARPers during his Tai Chi classes so he decides to confront them...

Only to be met with the leader of the group, The King. 

And the King isn't too pleased meeting Joey either. What can Joey do to get rid of these guys? 

Until next week! Watch episode 2 below.  

Episode 2 was fun to film, but also a whole lot of work. With all the extras and scenes we had planned, it was ASDO'sbusiest production day. From catering to coordinating people, we were swamped. However, this was probably one of the most rewarding days. than you to the extras that came out to support the film. Thank you to Corriander for helping to cater part of the food. Thank you, Epic Armoury again for donating some of the weapons used in this series. Check out the BTS, all the craziness, and fun, in the link below!

Stephanie Pham