Overcooked, Kung Fu Test Fight & HELL MONTH!

This week on Whatever Wednesday, Joey, Steph, Angela, and Timmy are playing Overcooked! The team is out in the world honing their culinary skills to save the world from the meatball menace! This game is sure to give you headaches and anger issues, but definitely a whole lot of FUN! The group's coordination and patience were put to the test, but so far they're holding strong. Check out the first episode below!

So while Sifu Brian Kuttel was down, we thought it be a fantastic opportunity to have our good friend Sifu Sharif visit, too. What do you get when you have three Kung Fu stylists in the same area? A dope ass kung fu fight scene! Check it out as Sifu Brian and Joey face off with Sifu Sharif. Those two are definitely brave to fight a man that most would break their fist hitting!

Last minute preparations before we go into this web-series HARDCORE! We are going to be filming every day for a full month with call times at 4 am every day. WE ALMOST DIED. Also, this is a LONG ONE, fam. We really wanna show you how much work we put into productions like this, even if some people just think it's *just* Youtube. Be proud of your work and give it your all! Please support our Indiegogo to finish our series! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/th...

Stephanie Pham