September Update 2018!


Gah, sorry guys. Been so crazy here at ASDO, I forgot to upload this for last week. As you can see, we've been meeting some really awesome martial artists and this guy is one of them. Ahmad is a serious competitor in the scene and we wish him the best in all of his competitions!

ACTION COMEDY THURSDAY - Joey's Mini Productions - Just A Friend

To get better at something, you have to practice....and sometimes, practice doesn't come out with the perfect results that you'd want. Regardless, each incremental step helps you get better. That's the same when I practice making videos. Just recently bought some new equipment and I wanted to practice with it before making big productions out of it and what better way than having talent that never talks back, lol. These are some of those practice videos that I keep in the vault but I wanted to share some of the silly videos that I'd make for practice.


Alright, here's another throwback. So funny story about this, I actually sent a audition tape to be try to be in Power Ranger SPD since I really liked Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger the years before. Obviously, I didn't get the part lol, but I did get to release this into the internet in 3 parts so it was a web series even before Youtube started. I uploaded it to a bittorrent site called and I know some of you subs actually know me from this little project of mine. Anyways, here's a re-edit of the last fight and hope that this gives you guys a hint of what's to come....HEH HEH HEH.

Also, check out the other Homemade Hero video that I did with our awesome stuntie and good friend, G!

While you're at it, check out the Power Ranger fan film that he and his team just did over at:


Alright, a bit wonky this week BUUUUTTT, you guys know that we're learning with our new equipment because we got some big things coming to you guys....actually, we go into principal filming TODAY! So, enjoy the next part of STEPH SAYS NO 4!


And for the October month rolling in, we're celebrating Halloween a month early to drop these PSAs that Tin thought up! Of course this was another test that we had on getting as proficient with our new equipment before tackling a super big project. Anyways, have you guys seen our facebook lately? We got accepted into being one of the first to try out Facebook Creator, so please like and follow us on Facebook too as we put on older goodies that we've had on this channel!

Stephanie Pham
Do San & SPLASH!


This week, Steph runs us through a bit of the Green Stripe form of her ITF style. Do you guys practice the same form? Let us know!

ACTION COMEDY THURSDAY - SPLASH ( John Woo Style Gun Action Short!)

And here's out summer action film, brought to you by the wonderful members of our Patreon! While everyone seems to be hopped up on John Wick and calling their action Gun Fu, we here at ASDO didn't forget the originator of it all, John Woo! We made something like this about 2 years ago but this time around, we wanted to make something that is much more of a tribute to this great director!

Thank you again to all of our patrons! Your donations do help us to fund our videos so we can do really fun action films that you guys enjoy! We're here to keep the martial arts and HK-action alive here on Youtube!

Thanks again so much and I hope you guys enjoy this action piece! Thanks again to SMS Studios for being part of all this! Can you guys believe these guys are all production team and not a single one is a stunt guy? Really awesome effort on their part! They also have their own channel so let's help them get some more viewers!

Stephanie Pham
Alee Creative Kata, Wet Headz & Playing House?!

MARTIAL ART MONDAY - Alee Creative Form


This Monday, we have Alee doing one of her creative forms. Even though she's been doing a lot of traditional forms, it's not a bad idea to stretch out into something less strict, yeah?


It's Wednesday and it's time for another round of GG! This week, we found this silly game at our local Party City that looked fun to try! Wet Headz is a pretty simple game but getting splashed on a hot summer day wasn't so bad! Check it out!

ACTION COMEDY THURSDAY - Playing House (comedy sketch)


Ooh! So....we're still busy in prepping this big project for you guys so you'll be seeing a bit of sketch comedy one-offs! Glad to see our guys on our Thursday content and not just Tuesdays!

Stephanie Pham
Speedrunners Pt.2 & Intern Clones?!

WHATEVER WEDNESDAY  - ASDO Plays Speed Runners! (PART 2)

Oh man, we still love this game because we get hella competitive! So, in this one, Tin, Angela, and Joey try to battle each other to see which is the best runner!

ACTION COMEDY THURSDAY - DL vs Intern Clones! (Practice fight!)


And this week, we have DL popping in again to get a practice time with our Intern and her clones. Seems like the machine isn't working well, so we got DL here to clean up the mess for us.

Stephanie Pham
Eddy Torres & Throwback Matrix Live Show!

MARTIAL ART MONDAY - Eddy Torres Highlight Reel

We never really know what a fighter brings into the ring. Day in and day out, the training and effort they put into their craft are the weapons they forge to find victory in the fight. And here at Art School Dropouts, we're blessed to have been able to put together this little piece of what it's like in the life of this modern day warrior, Eddy Torres.

Good luck on the next fight, Eddy!
If you guys are in the Philly area, check out his fight at:

ACTION COMEDY THURSDAY - Throwback Thursday - Shaolin Matrix Live Show from 2004!

Yes. Yes, I admit it....I was a Matrix fanboy. I STILL AM. So, many moons ago when I was just a lad, I was asked to perform for a highschool and I put together this Matrix-inspired show of the major fights in that movie. Hope you guys liked and cringed a bit at this old piece of footage :D

Stephanie Pham